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Text Box: Right pic—A beautiful fall trail ride at Ministik Bird Santuary with 2004 foals, Twizzler & Kiwi &  Nanaimo & Kit Kat (I am riding her while taking the picture) 
Text Box: I enjoyed riding my broodmares on trail rides with their foals at side to give the foals a good first impressionable experience at a young age.  Left pic is Vanilla in 1998.

Tamale (Zoey MJ) is a palomino Lusitano Arab cross 15.1hh mare.  I purchased her spring 2021 and plan to breed her to a Lusitano stallion for a 2023 foal.

Young Horses

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CHEROKEE:  1st top (left) & 2nd (right) pictures bottom picture (left) — 2009 sorrel 15hh pinto gelding.  We bought him in November 2016 out of shape and not being used for a couple years and Dave has been using him on trail rides.  He is part leased to a jumping student as he has a nice steady hunter pace with lead changes.



Our Personal Riding Horses

Horses For Sale 

Email us with what you are looking for as we often have horses for sale or client horses for sale and just don’t have time to post them to the website.







Chocolate Blueberry Flurry is a 15.3hh 2013 buckskin homozygous pinto WB tobiano filly, Dam: RP Miss Clear Coat, Sire: Precipitation CF (from Sweet Talk)  Started under saddle in the arena and trails.  She had her first colt, Freezie in 2019 and Parfait, a filly July 2021 and bred back for July 2022 to Hannoverian Stallion, Rip N Rio Z New Horizon Ranch

Rolo Chocolate Bar  is a 2016 Friesian TB Paint cross 15.3hh mare. Registered part Friesian and Canadian Pinto.  Bred to a Friesian stallion for a May 2022 foal.

Chocolate Sprinkles (filly) was born May 1, 2019.  Homozygous tobiano.  15.1hh & growing. 

Dam: Chocolate Sundae (warmblood/TB/Paint)

Sire: Precipitation CF, brown homozygous tobiano warmblood (from Sweet Talk Stables)

Blueberry Freezie (gelding) was born June 12, 2019.  15.3hh & growing.  Groundwork training and sat on once.  Now out to pasture to grow until late fall.

Dam: Chocolate Blueberry Flurry (warmblood/Paint)

Sire: Willem Alexander (Friesian) from New Horizon Ranch


Chocolate Sundae is a 16.2hh 2006 warmblood paint/TB cross mare.  She had her first filly, Sprinkles in 2019 and second filly, Maple in July 2021.  She is bred to Hannoverian Stallion, Rip N Rio Z New Horizon Ranchfor a late June 2022 foal.

Arrow (roan appy) was born here March 27, 2020.  Dave is looking forward to her being his next personal trail horse in a few years.  14.1hh as a yearling & growing.


Chocolate Dipped Churro (smoky black tobiano) was born here May 5, 2020.  Lisa is looking forward to the gelding being her next personal riding horse in a few years.  Sire: Andalusian Padrino   Dam: APHA: RP Miss Clear Coat.  14.3hh as a yearling & growing.

Pirate is a 2019 Gypsy Vanner x QH gelding purchased in January 2020.  Dave plan’s to train him for his personal trail riding horse in the future.  15.1hh & growing.

Captain is a 2019 Gypsy Vanner x QH 15hh gelding.  Started under saddle now and went on a trail ride.  More to come. 

Chili is a red roan tobiano paint x percheron 2020 gelding.  Purchased in June 2021.  Should make a great future trail horse.  14.1hh as a yearling & growing.

Blueberry Parfait was born July 19, 2021.  Dam is Flurry, sire Rip N Rio, bay Hannoverian jumper.


Maple Walnut Gelato was born July 5, 2021.  Dam is Sundae, sire crème/dun Lusitano, NORDICO DC


Sizzling Fajita is a 2021 chestnut tobiano 3/4 gypsy vanner filly.  Dam is Salsa, sire is Prince Von Eschrich.  Purchased in August 2021 with her dam, Salsa and half brother, Taco. 

APACHE: 1st (right) top picture — 2017 sorrel overo grade 15hh gelding.  Friendly,

smooth, and balanced.  Enjoys mountain trails, cattle penning and polocrosse.


BLIZZARD: 2nd top picture left, 3rd picture and bottom picture (right)  — Nanaimo Bar Blizzard is a 2012 brown tovero 15.3hh pinto warmblood gelding, Dam: Chus Irish Nanaimo Bar, Sire:  Precipitation CF.  Started spring 2015 with a few arena rides and obstacle clinics and went out for 2 weeks in the mountains in 2016.  He has been ridden each summer in the mountains and I have a student that rides him a few times a week. 


S’MORE: 4th top picture (left) — 2014 sorrel tobiano pinto filly Dave rides out of his first mare, Stormy .   Sire:  Panda Bar Dandy from  New Horizon Ranch


PYPER:  bottom right and 4th top picture (right) — Miss Upscale Pyper is a 16hh 2014 Clydesdale/Paint/TB cross mare.  She is smooth, loves to jump, go on trail rides, clinics.

Above picture—Dave with Cherokee and Lisa with Blizzard cooling off in the lake.