2001-2005 Foals

2005 Foals

Black Tobiano 1/2 Arabian/Pinto Filly

“Masters Java Vanilla” Black Tobiano Paint Filly

Bay Tobiano Paint Colt

Chestnut Tovero 1/2 Arabian/Pinto Colt

“Masters Fuzzy Peaches” Palomino Overo Paint Filly

Sorrel Overo Paint Filly

“Masters Oreo Cookie” Black Overo Paint Filly

Chestnut Tobiano 1/2 Arabian/Pinto Filly

Palomino Tovero Pinto Filly

Sorrel Tovero Paint Filly

Sorrel Solid Colt

PICTURES not available:

Bay Tovero Paint Filly

Sorrel Tobiano Paint Filly


NEW!!!  Click here for VIDEO clip of 2004 foals  After only 10 rides, bowing, dragging tarps, streamers & more

2004 Foals

“Masters Golden Kiwi” Palomino Overo Paint Filly, “Masters Red Twizzler” Sorrel Paint Colt  & “Unlock the Cash” Cremello Overo Paint Colt

2003 Foals

Palomino Tobiano 1/2 Arabian/PintoGelding

“Masters Snickers Bar”  Palomino Overo Paint FIlly

Bay Tobiano PintoGelding

Sorrel Tobiano Paint Filly

“Masters Irish Honey”  Cremello Overo Paint Filly

+ Paints-Plus Equine Center +

2002 Foals

“Masters Irish Toffee” Palomino Colt

“Masters Black Cherry” Black FIlly

“Barrel of Monkeys” Sorrel Pinto Gelding

2001 Foals

“Masters Irish Whiskey” Cremello Tovero Paint Stallion

“Masters Candy Bar” Brown Tovero Paint Mare

“Eclipse” Black Pinto Mare

Palomino Overo Paint Colt

Eclipse, Whiskey and Candy in field and  trailer with Master & I beside